Sunday, June 19, 2016

Computer Programs & Hospitals CANNOT Coordinate Care

The Downside (escalating costs) of Merging Doctors and Hospitals . The problem is that there is now not one trusted doctor in charge! Because patients are not in control of their own healthcare funds and we have a price fixed system patients cannot fund having their own physician be in overall charge when hospitalized. All the computer programs and other bureaucratic attempts by our government to coordinate care are destined to fail.

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JW LV said...

In these days of take a number healthcare, sometimes self care is the best medicine. In my opinion, researching your own diagnosis is a good start. That way when you actually do see a doctor, you're prepared to discuss what you think is important. Most doctors these days just see you for 2 minutes, write a prescription, and then call the next number. It's just get you in, get you out, as fast as they can even though you still have to wait 3 hours in an overcrowded waiting room. Another good practice is to know first aid and CPR so you can help your loved ones when in need. CPR Test Center is a good example of how to train yourself in CPR and First Aid without spending a lot of money. It's like riding a bike. Once you learn it, you'll know it forever. I highly recommend using CPR Test Center to at least get some idea on what to do in case something unexpected happens.