Monday, April 25, 2016

Health Savings Accounts

Two recent articles In Forbes (in electronic form) discuss how this administration is doing its best to eliminate health savings accounts and what an enlightened policy would look like. In “HSAs Under Attack In Obama Exchanges” by Grace-Marie Turner, Forbes, 4/21/2016 In this article Ms. Turner writes that instead of giving Americans more choices, this administration is formulating rules that make purchasing the popular health savings account on the exchanges just about impossible. While Dr. John Goodman in Forbes, 4/19/2016, “Roth Health Savings Accounts: What The World Needs Now” Writes that unencumbered by legal restrictions Roth Savings Accounts would via tax policy balance payments by the individual for routine healthcare with third party insurance that would for big-ticket items. This could be available to all Americans who choose to do so via a refundable tax credit.

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