Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why I Joined Docs4PatientCare

Posted by me on the physician discussion website, Sermo, November 15, 2011

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is in itself an intrusion on the patient-doctor relationship. But it is much more; it is the end result of a warped sense of government policies based on central planning and price controls. This law, instead of changing direction and using patient driven market forces to determine the true value of medical services, expands on Medicare’s failed concepts of artificially determining value using the Resource Based Relative Value Scale and its Update Committee. The Congress and the Executive realizing that Medicare and its inferior cousin Medicaid has forced our federal and state governments to the brink of insolvency made a failed attempt to control costs. The law instead, under the guise of subsidized health exchanges, federal mandates, cookbook medicine and supposed decreases in Medicare payments is expected by the government’s own actuaries to increase health care costs to 20-25% of gross domestic product increasing from today’s economy wrecking 17-18%.

The question for us physicians as I see it is: are we willing to allow the free market to determine the true value of our services? To me the answer is a resounding YES. There is growing evidence that patients with health savings accounts along with high deductable catastrophic insurance are much more careful about the resources spent on health care and have equal or superior results. If started at a young age using tax credits and federal subsidies for those in real need this system would dramatically decrease costs, eventually end Medicare/Medicaid, have each generation pay for its own care, provide universal coverage and free our federal and state governments from impending economic ruin.

It is time we physicians said, “Enough!” We will all join Docs4PatientCare, defeat this law and place our nation on the road to more freedom and economic development.


Carole said...

Interesting post. The best book I have read for many years is Better - it was lent to me by a neigbour otherwise I would never have thought of it.

Dr. Kenneth Fisher said...

Thank you for commenting on this essay. I agree, Better is an excellent book.

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