Monday, December 26, 2011

Big Brother

What steps do you take to protect your financial information on-line? With the current health care law slated to go into full effect in 2014 the state and federal government will have your tax information online to determine your eligibility for premium support or Medicaid. This invasion of your privacy is now funded by the federal government and will also cost you through State taxes as of January 2015.

This action is a consequence of out-dated thinking by our political leaders who are wedded to central planning and price controls that have failed all over the world. Our nation is bankrupt, our employment situation is dire, our health care costs are out of control and consequently we do not have the resources to adequately educate our children. In-spite of this reality the new health care law is a maze of central planning and bureaucratic confusion. Health care exchanges, a key feature of the new law, is a prime example of this out-dated mentality.

An alternative method of health care, such currently implemented in Indiana through Health Savings accounts, allows state workers to have high quality care at an affordable price with no bureaucratic control.


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