Saturday, May 28, 2011

Medical Problems and Solutions

1. The National medical societies take no responsibility for the 30% of non-beneficial care. The AMA is greatly influenced by Congressional payments for the use of CPT codes and thus is not an independent body representing physicians and their patients.
Docs4PatientCare is being established as an independent physician group that receives no income from Congress or drug companies. It is funded solely by physician donations and dedicated to excellent patient care at a cost this nation can afford.

2. Medicaid causes extreme state financial hardship, decreasing funds for educating our children which is a threat to our nation’s future.
Having Health Savings Accounts from an early age and high deductable insurance for expensive items would eliminate the need for Medicaid.

3. There is a medical consumerism society in our country that is fostered by several factors: the courts (i.e. Baby K & Helga Wanglie cases), lack of clarity in the PSDA, and the proliferation of drug and medical device company ads on TV.
Amend the PSDA – “Consistent with providing beneficial care to the patient.” Two
physicians and a nurse would be salaried at each hospital to resolve conflicts and insure beneficial care.

4. There is a primary care shortage.
Have subspecialists as the caring physician for those patients with advanced disease who do not have a primary care physician.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Health Care Savings Accounts

A simple solution to save our government money is to create health care saving accounts. Every person in this country would receive a yearly health care tax credit. Individuals can then spend this money according to their needs.

This would provide universal coverage, and our government would no longer be in the business of determining physician fees.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Health Care

Any concerned individual should be able to ask relevant questions about our health care. Why is our health care so expensive? Why does our health care system cost us jobs? And why, if we already spend so much, do we have to spend more to provide universal coverage, especially when other countries do so at far less cost? Read more in my free e-book.