Saturday, January 30, 2010

Is it Insurance Reform or Health Care Reform that should be the Focus in Washington?

Certainly insurance companies are not saints, but are they the root of the problem? Is it the insurance companies that spend $7,000 on every American for health care every year? Or rather is the underlying problem the various factors that have driven our practice towards an overly technological, less personal, less coordinated, specialty-oriented style of Medicine?

Review of The Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care sadly demonstrates that even our great teaching centers are practicing a wasteful and, in many cases, a non-beneficial style of care. No wonder that our trainees now do the same.

We must adequately reimburse primary care, practice and teach excellent history taking and physical exam skills, conceptual thinking, and most importantly, physicians must unite behind a system of peer review to ensure beneficial care and support each other to beat back the lawyers.



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