Sunday, January 4, 2009

Now It's Your Turn - Tell Us Your Stories

I hope 2009 is a good year for you all.

For the past eleven months I have been presenting ideas about health care reform here on my blog. Many of these postings are accompanied by stories about patients with whom I have had personal knowledge. In my travels, when discussing my book and or my blog, I have found that almost everyone has a story about our healthcare system. Most, but by no means all, have involved end-of-life situations. I suppose this is because these experiences are so intense and personal, and, in so many cases, our end-of-life care is so irrational. In a sense, the irrationality of our end-of-life care is a bell weather example of the irrationality present throughout our entire health care system.

There are, however, many wonderful stories we also need to hear and read. So, I am inviting all of you who visit my blog and are so inclined to summarize in a comment one of your experiences, good or bad, with our health care system. I will respond to each of your postings.


Loretta Downs said...

Dr. Fisher--
I have been a hospice and nursing home volunteer for many years. I have sat at the bedside of frail elderly individuals being being caused pain and suffering at the end of life because no on was there to say "Stop!."

I am the incoming President of the Chicago End-of-Life Care Coalition ( and a member of Someone To Trust, the Chicago Regional Advance Care Planning Coalition (

We hold quarterly educational events. Would you be available to speak at one of them?

May your voice be heard at the heights where change takes place,
Loretta Downs

Doctor Kenneth Fisher said...

Loretta Downs,
Thank you for posting on my blog and for your encouraging words. I will e-mail you today about setting a date to speak with your group. Ken Fisher, M.D.